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Behavioral Safety (Behavior Based Safety, Behavioral Based Safety, BBS)

What is behavior based safety?

For more than 20 years, we have addressed both behavioral and person factors to improve safety culture and prevent injuries and fatalities. With this in mind, we use the terms “behavior based safety” (or behavioral safety and behavioral based safety) and “people based safety” interchangeably.

A behavior based safety observation and feedback process provides visibility and control over upstream indicators of safety performance --  safe and at-risk behaviors. Using simple but effective observation techniques, coworkers observe each other and give constructive one-on-one feedback to reinforce safe work behaviors and discourage at-risk behaviors. 

Although such Actively Caring peer feedback is a powerful motivator, it is not sufficient. For lasting improvement, system-level causes of at-risk behavior must be addressed. Therefore, behavior based safety observation data is collected and analyzed, often using our RADAR data management software. Work teams then develop intervention strategies to eliminate barriers to safe work practices.

As the behavior based safety observation process becomes an accepted part of the safety culture, employees begin to observe and give behavioral feedback informally as well. However, the details of how the behavior based safety observation process is designed (by the steering team) and introduced determines the extent to which it is embraced.

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