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Motivational Presentations

SPS offers motivational presentations to engage and inspire employees to actively care for their safety and the safety of others. These fun, dynamic, and interactive sessions focus on improving safety culture and minimizing error to ensure employees go home safe to their families. These presentations are tailored to both hourly employees and management.

Here is a sample of SPS motivational presentations. Specific presentations can be created or tailored as needed.

  1. Engaging Employees for Safety
    This presentation focuses on energizing employees to be more actively engaged in safety. Ways to improve employee person states and attitudes are addressed along with an explanation of behavior analysis as it relates to motivating safe behaviors and eliminating safety shortcuts.
  2. Improving Safety Leadership
    This presentation provides guidelines for improving safety leadership along with ways to avoid common leadership pitfalls with safety. Topics include improving leadership behaviors for safety, optimizing safety management systems, and improving safety communication.
  3. Advanced Communication Skills for Safety
    This intensely participant-driven, 4-hour workshop focuses on specific communication styles (e.g., Sheriff, Diplomat, Investigator) as they relate to optimal safety communication. Strategies for improving safety communication are provided including acknowledging safe work behaviors, respectfully providing corrective feedback for risky actions, and improving non verbal communication.

    We work directly with you to develop a workshop that focuses on your audience, your current skills and your objectives for communication enhancement.

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