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E. Scott Geller, Ph.D.

Dr. E. Scott Geller,
Senior Partner,
Safety Performance Solutions

With world renowned E. Scott Geller, Ph.D. as a co-founder and Sr. Partner, Safety Performance Solutions is an internationally recognized safety consulting firm specializing in People-Based Safety to create workplaces which optimize safety-related human performance. This includes a specialization in behavioral safety (BBS), human and organizational performance (HOP), and safety culture enhancement to prevent injuries.

Historically, employees were taught the 'right' way to do a job and then expected to perform up to par. Little attention was paid to the work environment in terms of how it might influence their performance. When an employee made a mistake or took a 'short cut' – especially when it resulted in injury - management would ask, 'what were they thinking'? Corrective actions largely consisted of nothing more than retraining or discipline. And nothing changed – except employee morale.

We know, however, that employee actions do not occur in a vacuum. Human performance is influenced by the physical and social work environment. Since 1995, SPS has been helping organizations create workplaces that allow individuals and teams to operate at their peak safety performance. We help organizations understand how the physical and social work environment influences human behavior, and how to use that knowledge to minimize human error and purposeful risk taking. We help organizations build a safety culture that ensures a constant focus on safety and inspires employees to work safely and look out for the safety of others.

People based safety (PBS) encompasses the areas of behavior based safety (BBS), human and organizational performance (HOP), human performance improvement (HPI), industrial psychology, human factors engineering, organizational culture change, leadership development, and more. By applying PBS concepts and tools, we help our clients build solid safety cultures, highly reliable and resilient work environments, strong safety leadership, efficient and effective safety management systems, and an empowered workforce so they can achieve world-class safety performance.

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