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About Us

Safety Performance Solutions (SPS) is an internationally recognized consulting firm specializing in the application of behavior- and people-based safety principles to industry, commonly known as Behavior Based Safety. Here, you can find out more about our history, our consultants, our clients and their results, as well as our strategic partners around the world.

SPS is led by Scott Geller who has taught and conducted research as a faculty member of Virginia Tech's Department of Psychology. In this capacity, he has authored more than 300 research articles and over 40 books or chapters addressing the development and evaluation of behavior-change interventions to improve quality of life. He initially began applying the results of his research to industrial safety applications as an independent consultant.

In 1987, as demand increased, Dr. Geller formed Make-A-Difference, Inc. (MAD). Through MAD, he and his colleagues assisted organizations in applying principles of behavior- and person-based psychology to industrial safety problems.

In 1990, MAD teamed with Virginia Tech's Center for Organizational Performance Improvement (The Performance Center), an outreach arm of the university located in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

The Performance Center specializes in transferring university research to business and industry. Together, MAD and The Performance Center collaborated to offer Behavior Based Safety to both government and private organizations on a much larger scale.

In May of 1995, MAD and a group of Performance Center employees merged to form Safety Performance Solutions (SPS), an organization wholly dedicated to helping organizations understand and manage the complexity of human dynamics in order to reduce workplace injuries.

SPS offers comprehensive training and consulting services. Our strength is helping organizations develop a Total Safety Culture, where employees actively care for the safety of their peers.

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