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Client Results

While all companies want to reduce injuries and worker's compensation costs, safety success may be measured in a variety of other ways. Through a formal observation and feedback process and other safety culture change initiatives, SPS customers have:

Client Feedback


  • Employee ownership of safety
  • Quality of safety communications
  • Quantity of safety communications
  • Feelings of personal control over safety
  • Peer support for safe work practices
  • Employee responsibility for safety


  • Frequency of at-risk practices
  • Frequency and severity of injuries
  • Worker's compensation costs
  • "Us vs. them" attitudes and behaviors
  • Hiding or under-reporting of incidents

We also encourage work teams to set goals and hold each other accountable for activities they control. Examples of these measures include:

  • Number of observations conducted
  • Percent of participation in observation process
  • Frequency of peer coaching
  • Percent safe vs. at-risk behaviors performed
  • Number of employee-led safety meetings
  • Increase in employee safety suggestions submitted
  • Number of near misses reported

Case Studies

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