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Personality and Risk: Understanding Your Personality and Individual Risk Taking Tendencies.

Everyone, at least occasionally, performs behaviors that put them at risk for injury. There are a number of personality factors which contribute to an individual's risk taking tendencies and therefore his/her tendency to perform at-risk behaviors. If individuals understand the personality factors which influence risk-taking and understand their own levels of these personality factors, they can learn and use strategies to help themselves choose safe behaviors in situations where they might otherwise take a risk. Further, if leaders understand how personality influences risky behavior, they can be far more effective coaches, helping to encourage employee to choose safe rather than risky behaviors.

PS's "Personality and Risk Survey" is a 45-item survey measuring levels of 11 key personality factors which influence risk taking behavior. The survey is self-scored and interpretation guidelines are provided to help participants understand their results.

SPS's "Personality and Risk Workshop is a 2-hour workshop in which participants learn how various personality factors influence an individual's risk-taking behaviors, learn to interpret their survey results, and discuss strategies to help curb their own and others' risk-taking tendencies.

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