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RADAR: Data Management Software

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Does your Team Use their Behavioral Data to its full Extent?

Behavior Based Safety initiatives generally involve collecting data to determine how safely employees are behaving. If a risky trend in the behavioral data is observed, the contributing factors are analyzed and follow-up actions are taken. Certainly, safety management including conducting behavioral observations and giving constructive safety-related feedback can help prevent injuries, but in many instances, users of Behavior Based Safety initiatives fail to tap into the full potential of their data. RADAR, our online data management program, can give you the tools to help you analyze data, design interventions. and assess the impact of these interventions.

How SPS can help?

Whether your original observation process was implemented in-house or with the assistance of another vendor, SPS can help improve your process by teaching the oversight team how to use the observation data for improvement activities and how to celebrate the team’s successes.

  1. RADAR Introduction (45 Min PowerPoint presentation):
    This introduction covers a general overview of RADAR. This section explains the features and outlines the many options RADAR has to manage behavioral data. The users will also get step-by-step instructions on how to set their site up for data entry, create libraries for tracking important variables, produce online checklists, enter data into RADAR, and create reports.
  2. RADAR Hands-On Tutorial (2-6 Hours, Live Online Presentation):
    This section of the workshop allows the users to get hands-on experience in using the features of RADAR. This tutorial guides the users through the steps of creating a virtual online checklist, entering some fictitious data, and graphing some of their results. This tutorial is best conducted in a computer classroom setting where all participants have access to computers and an internet connection.
  3. RADAR Site Specific Setup (1-2 Hours, Live Online Setup):
    The final step in the RADAR Workshop is to create the site-specific variables needed to get the organization functioning quickly. Users will create their site’s online checklist and setup reports to run once their data is entered into RADAR. This step ensures that the site will have everything ready to go once the workshop is completed.

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