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People-Based Safety DVDs

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Making Safety More Than a Priority: Why and How!  (the Doc Meets the Dock Worker) (2004)
(Phoenix Safety Management Inc and Safety Performance Solutions, Inc.)
This live presentation of two highly-engaging speakers, Scott Geller and Charlie Morecraft, was recorded at NSC and VPPPA in 2003. First is a 54-minute presentation of Scott and Charlie “tag-teaming” their unique perspectives on safety, followed by a 25-minute Q&A session. Dr. Geller’s approach to safety is intellectual; Charlie’s is experiential. Together, they teach the true meaning of empowerment, distinguish between other-directed accountability and self-directed responsibility, and motivate people to actively care for the safety of others. ($790)

People-Based Safety: ACTS  (Virginia Beach, VA, Coastal, 2005)
This five-part DVD (or video) and workbook training system reshapes employee behaviors and attitudes. People-Based Safety™ goes beyond Behavior Based Safety by integrating the latest behavioral research with a person-focused approach. The system teaches four critical skills – Acting, Coaching, Thinking and Seeing. When employees master the skills, they become responsible for their safety and their coworkers’ safety.  Package includes one set of workbooks. (Price starts at $1995 and vary based on the number of workbooks required.)    


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