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People-Based Safety Products

SPS offers a variety of products to supplement our consulting services in the area of Behavioral Based Safety & People Based Safety . These products can stand alone or work in conjunction with other services and products. Also, these products can be readily used by clients who obtained their Behavioral Based Safety help from other consultants. For example, RADAR, our online data management software, is used by several clients who used other consultants to implement their Behavioral Based Safety programs. Also, either of our two surveys can be used alone as a benchmark of employee perceptions or as the foundation for driving critical changes within the culture.

Data Management Software Data Management Software Off-the-Job Safety Culture Survey Articles
Safety Culture Surveys Safety Culture Survey DVD DVDs
Safety Culture Assessments Safety Culture Assessment Books Books
Observation Process Assessment Survey BBS Process Assessment Survey LEADS Safety Leadership 360 Evaluation (LEADS)
Off-the-Job Safety Culture Survey Off-the-Job Safety Culture Survey Lesson Plans Safety Meeting Lesson Plans

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