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People-Based Safety

What is a People-Based Observation?

A behavior-based observation and feedback process (commonly referred to as Behavior Based Safety) provides visibility and control over upstream indicators of safety performance --   safe and at-risk behaviors. Using simple but effective observation techniques, coworkers observe each other and give constructive one-on-one feedback to reinforce safe work behaviors and discourage at-risk behaviors.  

Although such Actively Caring peer feedback is a powerful motivator, it is not sufficient. For lasting improvement, system-level causes of at-risk behavior must be addressed.   Therefore, observation data is collected and analyzed.   Work teams then develop intervention strategies to eliminate barriers to safe work practices.

As the observation process becomes an accepted part of the safety culture, employees begin to observe and give behavior-based feedback informally as well.   However, the details of how the observation process is designed and introduced determines the extent to which it is embraced.

How can SPS help?

SPS provides a range of services to meet your specific needs:

  1. New process Design & Implementation (See description below)
  2. Evaluate and Enhance an Existing Observation Process
  3. Behavior-Based Ergonomics (Using an observation process to target ergonomics)
  4. Human Error Reduction (Using an observation process to identify and eliminate human error.)
  5. Behavior-Based Incident Analysis

New Process Design & Implementation

SPS can help customize a behavior-based observation and feedback process to meet your organization's needs. We begin with a Standard Implementation Workplan and work with you to customize an approach that will best meet your needs.

How can SPS help?

SPS offers a variety of levels of support to help implement the customized workplan:

  1. Full Implementation Support
    SPS provides onsite support throughout the planning and implementation of the observation process, including conducting all training sessions.
  2. Train-the-Trainer
    SPS provides onsite support throughout the planning and implementation of the observation process. However, rather than SPS conducting the training for wage employees, these workshops are led by internal personnel.
  3. Internal Consultant
    For organizations wishing to implement an observation process at multiple locations, SPS will certify internal personnel as Internal Consultants. The certification process involves an intensive training experience, followed by the shadowing of SPS personnel through one or more implementations, transitioning responsibility to the Internal Consultants with each successive implementation.
  4. DO-It-Yourself Model
    For those organizations desiring minimal external support, SPS provides an intensive training experience designed to prepare participants to return to their workplace and design and implement an observation process with little or no further support from SPS.

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