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Behavior-Based Ergonomics

What is Behavior-Based Ergonomics?

Traditional methods to eliminate ergonomic risks in the workplace are necessary, but often fall sort of eliminating all risks. Traditional methods rely on infrequent workplace analyses which inevitably miss many risks.   And even in an ergonomically sound work environment, employees may fail to use ergonomically sound work practices, exposing themselves to ergonomic injuries.  

A behavioral observation and feedback process can complement traditional methods of controlling ergonomic risks. As employees conduct frequent peer-peer observations, ergonomic risks may surface which went unnoticed during a formal evaluation.   And peer observations reinforce ergonomically sound work practices.   

How can SPS help?

SPS’s ergonomics-related services, which were designed by an SPS’s Senior Partner who holds a Ph.D. in ergonomics, offer a range of options to meet your specific needs.

  1. Behavior-Based Ergonomics Observation Process
    SPS can help design and implement an observation process specifically targeting ergonomics, both in the “field” and in the office.   Go to People Based Safety to learn more about how SPS helps design and implement a new observation process.
  2. Observing for Ergonomic Risks
    At-risk behaviors associated with ergonomic injuries are often subtle and difficult to identify. SPS can train existing behavioral safety observers to better identify ergonomic risks, both in a “field” environment and in the office.

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