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Human and Organizational Performance (HOP)

What is HOP?

Complex systems require a great deal of human contribution to maintain productivity, quality, and safety. Unfortunately, human error is the inevitable by-product of our necessary involvement in complex systems. To eliminate human error would require us to eliminate the best source of creativity, flexibility, and problem solving ability: our employees.

Therefore, regarding human error, we need to understand the sources of error, predict when errors are most likely to occur, and predict which errors will lead to the most serious negative outcomes (incidents and injuries). Armed with this knowledge, we can design or modify the system/job to reduce error, develop personal strategies to reduce individual error, and implement safeguards to mitigate negative outcomes when errors still inevitably occur. HOP provides a variety of strategies and tools.

How can SPS help your organization?

SPS helps organizations implement HOP to reduce errors and prevent injuries and fatalities. The effort begins with HOP training for managers and supervisors to share key human performance principles and prepare them for site-wide HOP implementation. Next, SPS conducts training with select employees who will serve as the HOP steering team. This includes determining how HOP tools will be used and how the process will be managed. Finally, all employees receive HOP training conducted by SPS or in-house trainers (e.g., train-the-trainer model) to provide each organizational team member the knowledge and skills to be an integral part of the improvement process.

In addition, SPS offers a combined BBS/HOP implementation. This allows for a single, integrated, and holistic approach to injury reduction. This can be done for either a) companies looking to introduce both HOP and BBS, or b) companies already using BBS who want to add HOP to their safety efforts.

HOP and BBS are complementary approaches to the human dynamics of safety. These approaches are compatible in philosophy and overlap somewhat in application - but not completely. The instruments of both approaches expand the organization's "tool box" to improve safety culture and performance. The benefits of HOP/BBS integration are explained here: BBS-and-HOP-Integration-Williams-and-Roberts.pdf.

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