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Safety Culture Training

Transforming Your Culture

SPS offers Safety Culture improvement training for managers, supervisors, EHS staff, as well as hourly employees. This training session includes specific action planning to identify and correct safety culture problems. These recommendations are sent to key organizational leaders following training as needed.

This interactive training provides information on:

  • Key elements of safety culture
  • Improving safety systems (e.g., incident reporting, discipline)
  • Manager/Supervisor practices to support safety
  • Improving employees' attitudes, behaviors, and personal responsibility for safety
  • Optimizing communication skills for safety

Also, results from the Safety Culture Assessment (when used) are shared with participants during this training.

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SPS offers a variety of services that are critical components of the safety culture training effort:

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  2. Safety Culture Assessment
  3. Behavioral Safety (BBS)/PBS Process
  4. Behavior-Based Ergonomics
  1. Behavior-Based Incident Analyses
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Safety Leadership Skills for Senior Leaders
  4. Safety Leadership Skills for Supervisors
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