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LEADS (Leadership Evaluation and Development for Safety)

The LEADS 360 degree tool measures critical leadership skills related to safety.

SPS’s 360-degree LEADS assessment is an analysis tool to evaluate leadership behavior which impact the organization’s safety culture and performance.  LEADS provides individual leaders valuable insight into how others perceive their leadership skills, and allows them to compare those perceptions with their on self-assessment.  LEADS also provides aggregate data to the organization on the perceived performance of the collective group’s leadership effectiveness.  That is, the LEADS assessment:

  • Highlights leaders’ behavioral strengths.
  • Pinpoints leaders’ performance weaknesses.
  • Targets coaching/developmental opportunities.
  • Increases self-awareness of leaders’ performance.
  • Aligns leadership performance with organizational objectives.
  • Details and prioritizes improvement opportunities.

The LEADS assessment tool contains seven critical leadership dimensions; with each dimension containing 5 – 8 items describing specific behaviors leaders must perform well to be effective safety champions. Specifically, the LEADS tool measures how effectively leaders promote:

  • Vision for Safety
  • Engagement in Safety
  • Rewards and Recognition for Safety
  • Trust in Ability and Intent for Safety    
  • Communication for Safety
  • Teamwork for Safety
  • Empowerment for Safety 

Separate tools are used to assess leaders at the senior management/executive level and those at a supervisory level.

Individual summary reports are generated for each participating leader, allowing them to ‘calibrate’ their own perceptions with those of others and to identify strengths and performance improvement opportunities. Also, resulting data is aggregated across the organization identify global training needs and other development opportunities.

Following the evaluations, SPS may conduct individual review sessions with the participating leaders (in person or via telephone).  During each 30-60 minute session, performance improvement plans will be developed to guide that leader in his/her progress. A follow-up session with that leader will occur 3-6 months later to check and evaluate progress.

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